Don’t be 50 — Part 2

Okay, a blip in my path to the foreign service.

It turns out I have high blood pressure.  No clearance until I get it under control.  The doctor offered me the opportunity to get my blood pressure checked three more times, and if they came in under the limit, I’d be okay, but since it had been high twice in a row at the State Department, I’m assuming it would have been again.  Better I get the treatment underway.

So, I’m on blood pressure meds and will be seeing my doctor to check on their effectiveness in two weeks.

The other hoop to jump through (just because I’m 50+) is a colonoscopy.  I’ve done some research, and it sounds like no fun at all.  I have an appointment for a consult next Tuesday, and then will have the procedure some time after that (after a few days for clearing out the colon).

The good news is that other than that, I’m very healthy.



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2 responses to “Don’t be 50 — Part 2

  1. puddle

    Rich ~~ TM works wonders with blood pressure. Failing that: google “Relaxation Response” ~~ either also helps with energy issues. Good luck!

  2. Robert Oler

    Colonscopies are NOT NICE…but they probably have the potential to save ones bacon…until 50…2010 I have to have one every two years…then it goes to every year…if I want to keep flying. Of course the last cat will be long gone by then…and I’ll probably not be flying fast movers…


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