On a happier note

I thought I would share the photographs from my travels the past several years.  Travelling internationally is one of the things that led me to the decision to join the Foreign Service.

Here’s One:

Sunset over Costa Rica

Sunset over the Pacific from Costa Rica.  To visit the others stop by here.



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7 responses to “On a happier note

  1. Definitely, Rich, take the diet and exercise route. Cut out salt.

    And go play some tennis. Bet it still comes in handy. LOL

  2. Good luck, Rich. This is certainly admirable. If I had the health I would love to do it too. Costa Rica is a place I want to live; buy land and do huge organic gardening.

    You look good and like you have lost some weight since I last saw you.

    Monica, it is so funny you say cut out the salt. I have the opposite, I can’t get enough. Salt is actually good for us but it has to be real SEA salt, not the processed crap in the stores. I know a woman with thyroid disease, high blood pressure, some heart edema thing and she is a big believer in sea salt and said it has LOWERED her blood pressure significantly. Well, if she gave up smoking it would be even better, lol. OF course with me and my Addison’s I have too high potassium and too low salt so I eat sea salt by the handfuls now and I don’t even like salt. 😦

    Anyway, good luck to you. I like your website and will check back here for updates.

  3. “So, I’m on blood pressure meds and will be seeing my doctor to check on their effectiveness in two weeks.”

    If my sea salt idea seems to radical (most doctors mistakingly think any salt will raise bp), there are lots of natural things you an take that will help lower it and work better than BP meds. You can try adding them in already while on BP meds.

    Cinnamon is a very good one. I use it daily because it is good for the vessels in general and I have a lot of damage and leaking with mine.

    Stevia is a natural sweetener also good. Eliminate the processed junk and try to eat whole foods as much as possible.

    Several herbs are good and if you don’t like to cook you can get them as supplements.
    Garlic, ginger and kelp are good. Gotu Kola I have used for many things. Ashwagandha is an overall body harmonizer and I take that for my thyroid and adrenal issues daily. Really a wonder herb that even allopathic doctors recommend.

    Here is a link to some:

    Google for more but you will be amazed at how well some of these inexpensive, natural things worked.

  4. rkolker

    Thanks for the advice cHeRyL!

  5. Phil

    as I noted on the blog low fat milk has a combination of calcium and potassium that can lower it up to 40%
    simple potassium pills work for many, pennies a day and no side effects like some meds

    good luck in your new career

  6. Oops! I forgot one of the most important ones, Magnesium. That mineral your doc should have tested you for but even normal tests don’t tell the whole story. The deficiency is common in most people and I really struggle with this myself even though I supplement with a liquid I haven’t gotten my levels where they need to be.


  7. Robert

    To keep our BP Low…we jog 5 miles every morning and ride our bikes 15 miles every night…not to mention a fully exciting day of mirth and madness.

    Yesterday was an excellent example. We attended the opening of the new “reservior” for the area. I think that this site has been active as a res…for probably over 5000 or so years. They didnt have aqueducts but they had “drainage cisterns” and knew how to move water without a lot of pumps…Baguba is an old city.

    The State Department sent out two people…a career employee and a political undersecretary. About two minutes into her speech the PU came close to ruining just about everything that we had done. The Iraqi general sitting next to me said something and I lost my mind responding “you said it…” and then added a “Sir” as I saw who it was…the next words were “What would you do in a situation like this”…and I told the story of Bullworth when the aide had tossed the fire alarms…He didnt really grasp that but I noted “it is kind of like the microphone failing”. Odd 10 minutes later…it did! I had nothing to do with it.

    The PU couldnt finish her speech, by the time the mic was fixed, we had to move on to other speakers. The Iraqis really dont care about “our shared fight on terrorism” or “our common enemy Ossama BL” or …they just want water.

    anyway…what does this have to do with BP? Mine amazingly stayed low.

    Rumor is My boss has decided that the Chief of Staff is “underranked”. He mentioned something to the COS yesterday “My COS needs to be a flag officer.”



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