It’s interesting to see…

…how people react when I mention I’m joining the Foreign Service (blood pressure willing).  It’s overwhelmingly positive, with an undercurrent of “I wish I could do something like that.”  I guess I was expecting more of “are you nuts?  The world is a dangerous place!  You’re changing careers now?  What if they send you to Iraq? (Well, okay, I have gotten that one more than once)

I guess what I’m realizing, again, is that most people go through life on a path of least resistance.  Deliberately setting unusual goals and doing unusual things (I’ve done my share) puts you on the outside, a subject of one part amazement and one part disbelief (the “nuts” reaction).

Me, I enjoy new challenges and new experiences.



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4 responses to “It’s interesting to see…

  1. Robert

    One of the “changes” that I have thought about which sadly I cannot really do…would be become a farmer…actually a dairy cattle person. I have gotten to know the senior surgeon at our little base pretty well and she “pokes” from Hearne where her family is heavy into the dairy business. They make money selling milk tot he folks who make “the best icecream in the country”…but they ALL work hard at it…and it is the kind of work which mixes “smarts” with “muscle” and that to me is somewhat enjoyable.

    I have spent some time confering with her Dad on how to set up a bio fules converter. He has the wind power and uses lots of diesel power for his milking… Plus there is pletny of room for ham radio and flying

    Over here the folks who are fascinating to watch and talk to are the famers/etc…My favorite friend is a person who is in his 80’s but runs an orange/etc grove…

    Never will happen, but it could be fun. What will I do when I get home? Who knows right now


  2. Robert

    A small triumph for me. The senior surgeon had said that if I would do what she said for two days, my leg would be “walkable” enough to walk to chow…Red streak is gone, skin around stiches are nice and pink and while it still smarts…walking without a “walking assistance device” is ok…at least to the chow hall.

    I have to be OK Titus the cat has stopped sleeping right next to me (he did that the minute I laid down with my “thing) and Tripoli the dog has gone back to sleeping on the porch of my houch. YOu wonder what they smell.

    The odd thing is that AQ might have taken its last shot at me…at what might just be the last large scale troop action of forces ashore.

    Something to put on my desk one day!

    Off to hobble to breakfast…

    Take care buddy


  3. cHeRyL!

    Ha! When you have had several near death experiences, “dangerous” is relative. I think some people like to push themselves to grow and take on new challenges and maybe others like an illusion of “safe”

    Robert, there was a program I watched a couple of weeks ago where the entire farm was run on power from methane from the cattle’s dung. It was pretty fascinating.

    I personally would love to own a big huge organic farm and orchards.

    One day…

  4. puddle

    It *is* funny, Rich, the responses one gets. I got a whole lot of “you’re so brave” when I went to China. I didn’t *feel* brave, I didn’t even feel “unusual” — I just didn’t see how one could turn it down. . . . But I have come to see that my idear of “usual” doesn’t mesh with others’ idears of “usual”. . . .

    And so it goes, lol!

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