I’ll spare you the photos…

The colonoscopy went fine.  A couple of polyps they removed. Afterwords was entertaining.

They tell you that you’re likely to be “dopey” after the procedure, so require you have someone else drive you home.  I invited my mom to do the honors, and as we were pulling into the driveway of my house, I realized I had locked the door, and left my keys in the house (since I wasn’t driving, I didn’t need them).  Since a breakin a while back, I have been particularly careful about making sure everything was secure…no keys under rocks or doormats.

Fortunately, I wasn’t dopey, and remembered the one person who did have another key to my house — the cleaning service that comes every other week.  Also fortunately, they had just delivered phone books and my neighbor hadn’t brought theirs in, so I was able to find the phone number.  45 minutes later I was in my house.

I wasn’t dopey after the procedure, but no guarantees about before!

A note about the prep.  They give you a concoction (I understand there are several possibilities) that will clean you right out.  In my case, it was half a gallon (after you mix it with water) that I had to drink all of, one cup at a time, at 30 minute intervals.  Don’t get too far from the toilet!  As the doctor said — the advantage is that you lose 2-3 pounds in the process!

I feel fortunate.  Not only that my colon is fine, but that after some of the stories I heard about reactions to the concoction, the sedative, and the procedure itself, I was ready to be miserable.  Actually, as soon as I woke up from the procedure, I felt fine (if hungry).  I guess I throw off anesthesia quickly.



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2 responses to “I’ll spare you the photos…

  1. Robert

    Heh Rich…congrats on the “clean sweep” and getting back into the house. Sorry I have been scarce lately. My boss was called back home for a combination meeting with the “Top Civilian official” at the five sided building and to attend the funeral of a childhood friend.

    He left his Chief of Staff in charge…as he said leaving “a chance to give the new shoulder boards a test drive”.

    I’ll get back to the Iraq thing…butdefinatly have to make the staff meetings. Ares is in trouble and it might be June23 at Kwaj.


  2. Robert

    Tim Russert

    My earliest memories of politics stem from the late 60’s and two figures. Larry Spivak was “the moderator of Meet The Press”. Walter Cronkite was anchor of the CBS evening news. I watched both religiously.

    Religiously was a problem because “If it is Sunday it is MTP” and it came on during church…but there was then as now a replay at “night” and I would be there in front of the pumkin screen TV watching Mr. SPivak introduce the guest and then say “Now for our first question Robert NOvak”…yes that one.

    What most Americans didnt know is that Cronkite was a LBJ Democrat and Spivak was the editor of a “right of center publication” The American Mercury. Those two belonged to an era when TV news was “non partisan”, where the search for facts outweighed the individuals political beliefs.

    In an era where Laurie Duhe appears on Fox doing the news in Handcuffs and didnt know Lincoln was assasinated and of course Oberman is in the tank for Obama…the standards of Spivak and Cronkite are hard to come by.

    Tim Russert not only filled Mr. Spivaks chair but enlarged it. He left The Republic stronger then when he found it, and his absence will be keenly felt. As I told my boss, “Sir, you are all just tough Micks”.

    God Speed home Tim Russert, Long Live The Republic Larry Spivak stood wood on your passing.


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