Two Thirds…

“Your security clearance has been completed and forward to the suitability review panel.  You passed the suitability portion, our office now waits for the Medical Division to post your medical clearance.  Once that happens your name will be moved to the register and a letter will be sent to let you know.”

I’m thinking calm thoughts about my blood pressure.  Doctor’s appointment Thursday.

Time to eat another banana (potassium is good for you).

Spending the weekend with my mom, I was thinking that now was the time to get in the visits to the local sites I’ve been procrastinating about — Mount Vernon is at the top of the list, and I want to finish my Civil War battlefield tour.  The Washington DC area has dozens of great places to visit within a couple of hours (once you’ve gone to all the places IN Washington).  I’ve been seeing lots of them over the past couple of years living here.  With the potential to be somewhere else for quite a while, it’s time to go.


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  1. Robert,25197,23891016-2703,00.html

    That sound everyone is starting to hear…is Victory of Forces Ashore starting to warm up.

    It could still fall apart, but I think we have broke the bad guys…and The Cowboys lead the way, The 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force with the assist of Naval Forces ashore.

    Ragtime Joe

    Did you see the stuff Mike Ware did on CNN? The towel heads call the 3rd. “The Iron Lance”

    BTW you missed a great baseball game…LSU v Rice in Omaha. Last inning, out number two LSU throws one to the fence and Bases 1-3 come home. The young man who did it stopped at second…unaware the game was over. He won it.

    One play can turn just about anything…

    take care Robert

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