Dealing with Trees

My mother lives in the forest.

Okay, not really, but that’s what I keep telling her.  She does live in an area with lots and lots of big trees, many of them apparently with shallow roots.  Add enough water and enough wind, and you get falling trees.  No telling where they’ll fall, although they seem to like falling across power lines.  Except for one that clipped a corner 30 years ago, they’ve all missed the house so far.

Counterintuitively, if a tree in someone elses yard falls into yours, you’re responsible for cleaning up the part in your yard.  A few years ago, a neighbor’s tree ended up in my mom’s pool, taking out the fence in the process.

This weekend’s discovery wasn’t as severe.  It’s just blocking one of the paths through the woods in her back yard.  In fact, it’s small enough (not the tree, but the amount that crossed over into her yard) that we’re considering doing the clearance ourselves with my baby chain saw (if we can find enough extension cord).  But, we’ll wait until fall, when all the leaves have died.  Until then, we’ll just have to find another way through the woods.

BP status: Appointment tomorrow morning to see if I’m good yet.


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