As we approach the 4th…

I continue to await my medical clearance.  Hopefully, the State Department doctor now has all the information she requires.

On July 2nd, 1776, the Second Continental Congress resolved “that these colonies are…free and independent states.”  A couple of days later, they approved a document explaining the reasons for the separation.

Watching politics today, this is an extraordinary sequence of events.  Certainly there was “sausage” being made along the way, but to reach that strong a conclusion when the easy thing to do would be to keep petitioning the King while staying British was a major leap into the dark.

We’ve had good days and bad days in the years since, but the experiment in representative democracy continues.



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2 responses to “As we approach the 4th…

  1. Robert

    and it was a time a leap in the dark for so many reasons, not the least of which is that popular support was at best “tenuous”.

    We forget today how hard it was to not only win our Revolution militarily, but also to “win the people”.

    Having watched a different but similar show here as a third party observer…but as an interested one…I have a greater feel for how difficult the task was.

    Long Live The Republic


  2. A citizen

    It was the second of July. I read that today.

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