On the Register!

Just before I left for my July 4th weekend, I got word that I was on the State Department Register.  Invitations to the September class will be starting (so they tell me) the week of July 14.  Invitations are based on your position on the Register, which is based on the results of your Oral Evaluation, plus bonuses for things like language knowledge and being a veteran.  As new people come on or off the Register, your position on it will change.  As of July 3, I was 18 out of 104 in my “cone” (specialty).

I spent the weekend in Lancaster, PA with old friends.  That’s Amish country, not quite another country, but certainly another culture.



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3 responses to “On the Register!

  1. Robert

    I’ll be scare for a bit…VIP’s abound here…We call “Chairman”, he prefers “Admiral” as he told me “Old habits stick, I hear a two star here prefers being called “Skipper”…then his line was “You can call me Mike”



  2. Denise

    Hello Robert! Hope you see this. Thankful and I often think about you and hope you are doing well. Praying for your safe return.

  3. Robert

    Hello Denise…thanks for the good wishes…all is well where I am…the sun is just on the horizon and it is already 96 degrees…

    No problem! How are you?

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