Dogsledding in Alaska

Dogsledding in Alaska

While waiting to hear from the Department of State, I thought I’d show you a few photos of places I’ve visited.  This is from my Alaska adventure, where I went up to Coldfoot (halfway between Fairbanks and the North Slope) to see the aurora, and didn’t (clouds).  But is was exciting to see a very different environment.  I’m one of the few people who when the debate over ANWR comes up, can say they’ve actually been to ANWR.

The dogsledding took place in the final hours before our bush plane took off to bring me back to Fairbanks.  I did a little riding, and a little driving (actually, the dogs did the driving, they just tolerated me.)



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2 responses to “Dogsledding in Alaska

  1. Robert

    it is cooler in KL7 land then it is here (KL7 is amateur radio for alaska)


  2. rkolker

    It’s colder there than most places (particularly in the winter, which is when you go to see (or not see) the aurora.

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