Exits, Tourism, Birthdays, etc.

So, once I got (and accepted) the offer from State, the next question was “When do I quit my current job?”  I don’t need to report until September 15th, so I could, in theory, work right up until the Friday before, since I’m not moving anywhere, unlike those who aren’t from the Washington area (on the other hand, they get a paid move, housing and per diem).

But, once you’ve made the decision to move on, you’re one foot out the door, and besides, there are things I want to do before training starts.  So, I’m leaving my current job August 1st, which happens to be (exactly) the 13th anniversary of when I started with the company.  To add to the cycle, in spite of the fact I’ve moved four times during my career here, my last project will be for the guy who hired me.  All my life’s a circle…

I had made plans last year to visit the Grand Canyon and the Southwest US.  They ended up being cancelled when I got invited to speak to a conference in Portland, OR (nice conference, fun state to drive around).  Since I’ll be, well, away for quite a while, the Grand Canyon trip is now scheduled for shortly after I leave my job.  Planned is a strong term.  I have a round trip airline ticket to Las Vegas, a hotel room for the first night, and a rental car.  All I need to do is get back to the airport 8 days later.  Other than that, I’m going to “wing it”.

I’ve also been meaning to do some more Revolutionary War tourism in New England.  That will happen in September, based out of my sister’s place on Cape Cod.  I’ll go after Labor Day so all the “summer people” will be gone, a great time to visit the Cape.

Birthdays.  Late July and early August has always been “birthday season” in our family.  My mom, dad and I have birthdays on the same day of the week consecutive weeks, and in recent years we’ve added a niece, nephew and brother in law in the same two week period.  We usually have one party for everyone (the kids have separate parties for their friends) somewhere along the way.  This year, It’ll be early in the period, to work around everyone’s dynamic schedules, including mine.

I’ve been starting to plan for the transition to Foreign Service life, but more on that later.



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2 responses to “Exits, Tourism, Birthdays, etc.

  1. Laurie

    btw – I don’t see this as a midlife crisis thing at all. To me, that’s when one tries to regain/replay their youth. What you are doing is acting upon a life’s intention and moving forward. I admire you much for doing so.

    The Grand Canyon is just that ~ Grand! I envy you the days to explore the surrounding areas. When we hiked down it was a record heatwave and I needed an extra day before hiking out; then it took a full day because we stayed at one of the ‘oasis’ til well after noon before continuing. Upshot was we lost the time to see the Dam, etc.

    Dang! Not that I’d be in the schedule or anything, but I’d have met up with you anywhere on a Rev. War trail for lunch. I’ll be back in Chicago by then, think the wedding will be on the 20th. Are there specific places of interest you’ll be visiting or is it TBD?

    End of July, early August was always big in my family, too. My brother was 7/28, my older sister and me the next week. We always had joint parties, usually at my g-parent’s in WI while on vacation. TY for evoking those memories and Happy Bday wishes to all.

  2. rkolker

    The Revolutionary War visits are TBD, depending on whether my sister and mom want to come along, and other plans. Last year I did Saratoga/Ticonderoga and that area. If I have time I may do Vermont, or I may just stay in eastern Mass. I haven’t walked the Freedom trail in more than 20 years, and didn’t do all of it then.

    Before I leave the area, I need to visit Mount Vernon. I’ve never been there or Monticello.


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