On The Road Again…

My last day at L-3 was August 1st, and the following Monday I hit the road (well, the airways initially) for a road tour of parts of the Southwest I’ve been meaning to visit, starting with the Grand Canyon.

I flew to Las Vegas (by way of Boston…don’t ask) and spent the night in a very nice, very cheap hotel south of town.  At the crack of dawn (which given the time change was like 9am on the internal clock) I headed east for the South Rim of the Canyon.  Advice #1 for going to the Canyon in the summer — book ahead!  The closest I could find a hotel room was Williams, AZ, about an hour south.  Not a bad little town, on Old Route 66 (and they remind you constantly).  Once you make it to the Canyon, there are shuttle buses to take you to all the viewing points (and one to take you to a nearby town where you can park if all the lots are full).  Someone once said the Grand Canyon couldn’t be described, only experienced, and they were right.  Even though I was fighting thunderstorms both afternoons there, the experience was breathtaking.  If I’d had more time and more time in advance to plan, I would have taken a ride to the bottom and maybe a flatwater trip along the Colorado.  Next time.

And next time, I’ll fill you in on Zion canyon.  Photos to come when I get home.


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  1. Ron Chatman

    Nothing like a life well lived! Enjoy the canyons and drop me a line when you have a moment.

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