Welcome to the Foreign Service!

Today was the day.  I put on a clean suit, raised my right hand, and swore to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  I am now a Foreign Service Officer, representing the United States.

At the request of my new bosses, you won’t get a lot of details here about what they teach us, but I will try to post my reactions.

The excitement of day one peaks with the reception of our bid lists.  These are lists of the available locations for our first overseas assignment.  We have a week to evaluate the list and provide our input to the selection board.  Our assignments (which come on Flag Day, October 24th in our case) take our requests into account, but we are available to be assigned worldwide, for the good of the Service and the Country.



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2 responses to “Welcome to the Foreign Service!

  1. 3andahalfmonths

    Congratulations! Your timing is excellent. You’ll most likely get to post sometime early next year, after the inauguration of President Obama, when America’s standing will be considerably higher, in the eyes of the world, than it is today. So stand tall, stand proud, a better day is coming, by and by, by and by…

  2. you guys go out on posting fast!!! I just joined the Canadian Foreign Service at the same time you started at the State Deparment and I am a year away from my first post. Nevertheless, I love it!

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