Follies and Flags

It’s amazing how different A-100 is from the last 25 years of my life.  You get used to the conveniences of an office, a phone, control over your time.  Now it’s back to days in the classroom, shared computers and homework assignments.

Still, I’m living at home, which is more than any of the non-locals can say.

There are benefits.  The people are exceptional.  Our class ranges in age from 22 to 54, was born in half a dozen countries, speaks languages from Arabic to Zulu.

I had the opportunity to put together the “Follies” which is a show put on by the class at our off-site.  The talent and commitment of my fellow students was amazing.  We have someone who sings professionally, folks who can do impressions, sing, act and write comedy which would be worthy of SNL (on which we based our show).

And then there was “W”, but that’s a story for a later time.

We are now a week from finding out where we are going–Flag day.  See you then!


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One response to “Follies and Flags

  1. Paine

    Very happy for you Rich.

    Best wishes.

    I hope the folks still at BFA will feed-off and support you as you continue on your path, unlike when they had the opportunity in the past ::wink wink, know what I mean nudge nudge::.

    Please keep touching base;-)

    Kevin Cronin

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