Flag Day!

I’m headed to Cotonou, Benin to head up the Consular section there.  Plenty of training between now and next September, when I head out….French, Sub-Saharan Africa, job specific training, even some emergency medicine.  I was really pleased when I heard my post.  It was high on my bid list, but more than that, they had told us just a few days earlier that it was a job managing the consular section, usually a job for mid-level officers.  I was hoping my experience before the FS would count…and it did!

Map of Benin

Map of Benin



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4 responses to “Flag Day!

  1. puddle

    Kewl, my friend! Or maybe not, lol! Hot! How’s that?

    And good luck!!

  2. Ben

    Wow Africa! Sounds like an Adventure. I’ve had a few friends stay in Africa for summer internships and they said it was a blast. I’m sure you will enjoy your time over there.

    Good luck!

  3. Borderline Bob

    I believe it was Clayton Webb who noted that “at least it wasnt Canada”!

    What a treat that you are about to embark on. You are one of the folks who I am sure loves The Constitution as much as life itself.

    It will be well served by you.


  4. My S.O. was an FS brat, and he spent most of his childhood in various parts of Africa. His favourite post, though, was Cotonou. He says that the culture there is very interesting and lively, that the people are generally friendly, and that (at least when he was there, 10 years ago) the embassy staff are very nice.

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