Six Weeks of French

Not quite yet, but every six weeks the evaluate our language skills, and my first one comes the end of next week (December 12…Make that Decembre (with an accent over the first e).  I’m feeling okay about it.  I need to get some conversation practice in between now and then, but my reading skills seem to be ahead of schedule.  Reading French (a this point) is a puzzle.  Start with the words I know, add ones I can guess from English, Latin or Greek roots (not that I ever took Latin or Greek), throw in some context and finally, if all else fails, look something up.

I have to admit some trepidation the first few weeks of French.  Getting to a 3/3 level seemed five years, not five months, away.  It still will take working it as a full time job to get there, but I’m starting to feel things getting from thinking to instinct, where they need to be.  I need to get over wanting to be right before I speak, and just speak and accept being corrected.  It’s the only way to get comfortable in coversation.

Along the way, the 142nd A-100 arrived, and I was asked to help out their Follies chair (and turn over the costume bag).  He offered to help out with my French (he came to A-100 from living in Paris!) and I wrote a song for their Follies.

Come January, the 143rd arrives, the class we (the 141st) is supposed to mentor.  Time is flying.

I’ve already heard (informally) from the outgoing Consular officer I’ll be replacing.


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  1. Hi Rich
    Sounds exciting. Best of luck with the French. Hope all is going well otherwise. Post often so your friends can know how you are doing, OK?

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