Am I making progress?

Some of you have asked for more posts to keep you up to date.  I’ll try to comply, although they’ll get more interesting once I get to Benin!

According to my evaluation, I’m right on schedule for learning French, at a 1/1 level six weeks in.  I don’t feel it.  I think 75 percent (a word that comes from the French) slides right past me, but they keep saying that’s normal.  Still, my New Year’s resolution is to organize my studies at home a bit more than I have been – with fixed periods of listening, speaking and reading each day.

I did have the opportunity to try to translate “Who’s on First” into French (don’t! Even my instructor gave up after a while).  It did give me the opportunity to introduce that bit of classic American humor to an Algerian for which English is a second language.

While taking a break for the holidays, we got the word our photo was in from the White House.  Amazingly, they messed it up, so that the people on the outside look like they’re in a bad funhouse mirror.  I scanned in the photo and did some image processing on it.  It’s not perfect, but better.  I won’t post the whole thing, just a small part with me and “W”.


They change instructors on us every six weeks or so, so now we have a young man from Benin.  It took a few days for him to mesh with the class, but we’re moving forward.  Next eval – end of January.  I’ll try to post sooner than that.

That’s the news.  Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow!


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