So, what else are you doing?

Other than studying French, I mean.

Not much (or pas beaucoup).  One day a week, I spend three hours in a class on Sub Saharan African studies to prepare me for the region.  In general, the classes have been interesting and in some cases exceptional, and I’d enjoy more of that, but I understand the need to concentrate on language studies.

My French is due to wrap up mid-May, at which point I start learning how to be a consular officer, how to run a consular department, how to stay safe, and a bunch of other stuff which leads me to wrapping up training in mid to late August.

My classmates are starting to depart.  A big batch will be gone by this time next month.  They tell you in A-100 that your clasmates are your family for life in the Foreign Service, and so far, it seems to be true.

BTW, I’ve decided not to go to the Inaugural.  As much as I would like to, local, state and federal government are making it near impossible to get to DC from Virgnia that day.  So, I’ll watch the festivities from the warmth of my Ikea rocker beside the fire.

A bien tot!



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4 responses to “So, what else are you doing?

  1. Robert

    will be in DC Sunday now…see you and Bob then

    with the change everyone should watch the link


  2. It seems that most people I know in DC who actually live there will be watching the inauguration from their comfortable living rooms. Seems like a better idea to me!

    How is the French coming along?

  3. rkolker

    French is going more slowly than I’d like, but it is moving forward.

    I may change my mind about the Inauguration. Weather willing, I have found a way into the city and it is a unique opportunity to see history.


  4. I hear that it’s ridiculously cold in DC today. Hopefully that weather will let up a little before the Inauguration.

    By the way, did you get the email reply I sent?

    – Kelsey

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