An adventure in motoring…

This story really starts last week, when I discovered my e-go electric moped was no longer working.  Either the batteries weren’t charging, or wouldn’t hold a charge.  So I wrestled it into the back of the Vue (which is why I hang onto the baby SUV) and headed off to the only place that services e-gos in the DC area, Bob’s Bikes in Poolesville, MD.  A quick crossing of the Potomac later on White’s Ferry (more later) and I’m at Bob’s, to find Bob is still on Christmas vacation.

Now it’s Friday, and I head off again to Bob’s, only to discover that due to the cold weather, the Ferry wasn’t operating.  I never had tried to get to Bob’s any other way, but I figured I’d take a shot.  North to Point of Rocks bridge, then follow roads back south, hoping to find Poolesville.  It’s a small town, not well marked, but luck was with me and was able to drop the bike off at Bob’s.  He goes BACK on vacation Jan 31st, so I may or may not bave it back by then.  No hurry, I can wait for spring.

Now I’m in Poolesville, it’s 4:45, and I need to be at a “wheels up” celebration in DC for a bunch of my A-100 classmates heading overseas in the next couple of weeks.  No problem, I’ll just keep heading southeast and I’ll hit the beltway.  It worked, but what I didn’t know is, at least on a Friday night, the traffic runs both out of the city AND in.  I wasn’t going to make it.  Metro to the rescue.  The Red line runs right along the road I was driving.  All I had to do is find a parking lot.  Not as easy as I thought.  Finally I found a commercial lot.  Expensive if you don’t shop in the local stores, but cheap if you do.  A quick sandwhich at Giant later and my ticket was punched.  Off to Buffalo Billiards by Metro!

This is where I could go into not having my Smart Trip card for Metro, or enough cash, but you all get the idea.

BTW, I may now go to the inauguration.  I’ve found a route downtown that should work with only two changes of transport type (car -> bus -> metro).

A demain.


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