You never know until you ask…or someone volunteers

I was this close to quitting the Foreign Service.  I was sick of French class.  Getting up each day was miserable and I think it was affecting my health. I had spoken to my old boss about coming back to work, had my meeting with my Career Development Officer at State and had all the paperwork I needed.  Then I decided to say goodbye to Ambassador Mussomeli, who runs the CDOs and who I had met during my A-100 class.

He told me, “Wait a minute, let’s see what we can do.  Give me 24 hours.”  So I did.

He offered me the opportunity to finish up my French after I get to post, get to post earlier, and move right into the classes I need (Consular training and so forth) for my job.  All I had to do was take my “progress” test in French so they knew where I was now.

Well, that was scary, but I really do want to serve in the Foreign Service, and it was a great offer.

To make a long story short (I may make it longer later, but I have to get to class) I did about as I expected (which is fine) in my French test, even though it was changed from a progress test to a formal test (a little more reading is involved and your grade is recorded).

So today I start Con-Gen, feel a lot better, and am looking forward to Cotonou.


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  1. Glad you are staying…you have to at least do a tour overseas to give it a shot!

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