You never know II

The Sequel is never as good as the original (Godfather II and Star Trek:The Wrath of Khan being the exceptions).

So, I’ve been moving along learning about Passports and Immigrant and Non-Immigrant visas, and how to interview people, but at the same time preparing for my move to Cotonou which I understood was “in July”.  But without details, or orders, I could only go so far with my plans.  So I started bugging my CDO about what was next — some more consular training, an exact date for the move…

Well, you see, there was a reason he hadn’t gotten back to me.  It seems Cotonou didn’t want me early…or without the 3/3 in French.  After some negotiation, he brought it down to 2+/2+ and I could go in August some time, but the bottom line is after congen I’d have to go back to full time French class, which is what this was all about avoiding.

I’m probably going to agree, but I’ve given myself until Monday to decide.  At this point, the urgency to leave French isn’t there like it was a month or so ago.  I was even starting to pick up my French books on my own a little bit, but that’s very different from going back to five hours (plus homework) of French every day, not to mention I’ve undoubtedly forgotten a bit since I tested.

C’est la vie!


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  1. I know it seems like you just want to get over there ASAP, but I think that you will likely have a better time over there if you’re more prepared first, including finishing up your French.

    I know it’s tempting to quit, but I think you should at least give it one tour. If you don’t, I suspect you’ll spend much of the rest of your life wondering what could have been.

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