Timeshifts and Signups

Living in a timezone that isn’t Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific while dealing daily with the US and the people in it leads to some interesting issues. Phone calls home need to be carefully timed, more so the further west you are calling. A phone call at 10 pm Benin time is 5pm Eastern, or 2 pm Pacific. Another guidepost is television. A lot of what I see on my three channels of AFRTS is timeshifted, but some things, like sporting events, are shown live. So, the 1pm NFL games are at 6pm, the 4pm games are at 9pm, and the 8pm game is…well, forget it, I have to sleep. Today’s baseball playoff or the World Series will be on after midnight here (although I may see the end of some games when I wake up in the morning). Probably, I’ll try to avoid the scores and watch the replays.

A great suggestion from one of the readers — You can now sign up to have an email delivered to you whenever I post something new here. Look for the link over to the right of the blog and just enter your email address.

Speaking of geeky computer stuff, I spent a lot of this past weekend relearning Joomla, an open source content management system for web portals I used a lot in my former life at L-3. I’m playing with redesigning the embassy web site. Not my job — but I still enjoy doing website design and implementation. I did something I haven’t done in a LOOOOONG time, spent all night programming, going to sleep at 5am. That wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t committed to go to the beach with friends the next (same) morning!


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