Bring me all the finest muffins and bagels

Extra points for knowing the source of the quote (even more if you send muffins and bagels!)

My HHE (Household Effects) are here! Also my consumables. At least, the ship has arrived in Cotonou. When will I see them? That depends how fast they can get everything through Customs, but maybe Friday. I don’t remember exactly what I shipped and what I stored (yes, I have a packing list, but I’d have to read that!), so it will be interesting to see what I have and where I’ll put it. I do know I packed my Halloween and Christmas decorations.

More good news (I think). The systems guy here at the Embassy found me a power supply which should work with my laptop until the one I ordered from the US gets here. So, I may be back online at home tonight!

Tastes of home are important. I remember, the second time I visited Russia, I brought PB&J and some Ritz crackers. Not because I don’t like Russian food, I do, but a taste of home is important. Some stuff I ordered over the Internet arrived late last week, so I was able to have some tortilla chips and queso as a snack. It’s amazing how much something like that helps.


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