Sitting in the dark, thinking of food…

As I write this, the UPS is beeping every 10 seconds or so to let me know the power is out in the Consular Office. Losing power in Cotonou isn’t unusual. That’s why every house (and the embassy) has a big diesel generator which kicks in within a few seconds after city power goes away. But that’s not what’s happening today. WE turned off the power, and I get to watch.

You see, the electrical closet is in the Consular Section (don’t ask why…it’s an old building) and I need to be here while they install a new electrical box. So, instead of the usual Firday afternoon early dismissal, I’m sitting in my office, with no AC, and a computer which will last as long as the UPS batteries do.

Why am I not busy unpacking my HHE? Well, it looks like Monday will be the day, not today. That just doesn’t work as well, but that’s my problem. Friday is a 2/3 work day with no scheduled interviews, Monday is a full work day with lots of scheduled interviews. Friday, I have the weekend to unpack and move furniture around. Monday, I have…Monday.

You never know around here what food is going to be like. There’s a little place calld DFC (the FC is Fried Chicken…I don’t know what the D is for). It violates KFC’s copyright with its logo, and Disney with the character pictures, and it’s not very fast for a fast food place, but the fried chicken was by far the best I’ve had since I’ve been here. They cook to order, so nothing that’s been waiting under the light bulb, it’s fresh out of the fryer.

When the HHE arrives so does my e-Go (electric moped) and I’m independently mobile again!


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