Water Pressure 2 – The Wrath of Pump

So after yesterday’s adventure in no electricity (the UPS finally gave out about 3 – they got everything put back together about 7:30), I looked forward to a quiet morning sleeping late, followed by some grocery shopping. I’m still shopping with friends since I’m without transportation, so I had planned a shower before I left. Flipped up the lever on the shower — no water. Okay, I’m in Africa. These things happen. But since I was shopping with the person in charge of things like — water pressure in our homes, I took advantage of our time together to let her know.

About 3 this afternoon the plumber arrived and I learned something. We have a backup system for water when the city water goes out. A large cistern and a pump, only the pump wasn’t working. Now it is (short version of the story).

I’m watching my complete set of the West Wing from beginning to end, and in the fourth season they spend some time invading “Equatorial Kundu”. Where’s that? In West Africa, somewhere near the Ivory Coast, Not Ghana (they mention that) or Nigeria (they mention that) and it has a small embassy, only 10 FSOs.

It could be Togo :).


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  1. Haha. The West Wing observation is pretty amusing.

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