Mobility (real) on, Mobility (virtual) off!

I got caught in the rain yesterday. The good news is why.

I am independently mobile at last.  Since I’ve been in Cotonou, I have been dependent on others to get me around, any way but on foot.  I don’t have a car here (that may change eventually).  The embassy has been driving me to and from work, and friends have been picking me up to go grocery shopping or to a restaurant for dinner.  But my bicycle and electric moped arrived in my HHE, and although the bike is still in pieces (a project for this weekend), the electric moped is up and running.  I was planning on waiting to start using it until later this week, but the car didn’t arrive Tuesday morning, so instead of calling to remind them, I just hopped on the moped and headed in!  I’m quite a head turner in Cotonou traffic.  The white guy with a bicycle helmet on, riding a moped which makes no noise as it goes by!

Yesterday afternoon, I took care of my last step for being ready for anything.  I installed the baskets I ordered, so now I can carry a reasonable amount of groceries (or anything else) on the moped with me.  Before this, I just had a small zippered storage bag on the back.  That now holds a couple of bungee cords, and a raincoat.  The last got added after I made a midday trip over to the American Cultural Center, and got caught in a downpour riding back to the embassy!  Fortunately I had dried out by the time the Ambassador came by to tour the consular section.

Virtually, I’m without home access for cruising the Internet.  For some reason, I can’t browse.  I’ve tried IE, Firefix and Chrome.  I’m connected.  Skype works, but something weird is happening.  I’ve done a traceroute, and it seems to be stalling about five hops out, before it leaves Benin.  I have more investigating to do, including hooking my laptop up to see if that still works, but until then, work access will be all I have.


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