Canyon, Yeager and Glenn — Nothing to do with Africa…


I was hanging this up at my house in Cotonou and I thought I’d tell the story.  It’s a bad scan here, but this is, as it says, an original pen and ink drawing of Steve Canyon (a popular comic strip character in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s).  How did I get it?  I found it in the trash.  Specifically the trash at Griffiss AFB where I was stationed.  It had hung on the wall of our office until someone needed a frame and took it out.  But, you see, it wasn’t this picture facing out, but an offset print of the flag of the 416th Bombardment Wing.  Nobody knew the original Canyon was there, until I saw it in the trash.

The signatures?  The Chuck Yeager was obtained at the World SF convention in Baltimore, when he was traveling around promoting the movie “The Right Stuff”.  The John Glenn I got from Steve Robinson, one of Glenn’s crewmates on his space shuttle missions.  Steve was renting my house in Houston at the time.

Back to Africa next post.


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