…when we last left our hero…

…he was headed down from the food court at Frankfurt airport to the gate to catch his flight to Paris, and onward to Cotonou.  WRONG, bratwurst breath!  He was on his way to find his flight was canceled, wait in line for one and a half hours to be told it was too late to get him on a flight to Paris which would connect to the one daily flight to Cotonou.  So, here I am in the Ibis hotel on the edge of Paris CDG airport, killing time until my flight this afternoon.

A final note on Frankfurt airport.  Don’t bother with the Mexican restaurant.  Other than that, I think Frankfurt has a superior airport, better than CDG and most I’ve seen in the US.  I think in general, European airports do it better than most US airports, though there are exceptions.  One thing I’m not happy with in Europe is hotels.  Things we’re used to getting free in the US at hotels (Internet service, etc.) cost at a European hotel.  No coffeemaker in the room.  Last night, as I was enjoying (to use the term loosely) my Air France paid for dinner in the hotel restaurant (a lousy buffet), they almost plotzed when I went to get a cup of tea from the buffet stand for getting tea and coffee.  “Only for Breakfast” the waitress screamed.  I said “Fine, I’ll pay for the tea.” E3.10 for a cup of hot water and a teabag!  Cash, I can’t charge it to my room.  A cup of tea in the machine near the elevators is E.65.

Thanks to the folks back in Cotonou who are covering for me today as I make my way back to Benin.  They all have their real jobs, in one case two, and they’re covering mine as well.  Thanks!

I continue to be impressed by the quality of the people I meet in the Foreign Service.  The folks who both attended and taught the training I took last week are top-notch.  Friendly, smart, open, helpful.  Our tax dollars are being well spent paying these folks their salaries.

More on the trip, Frankfurt, and photos when I get home.


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