State Department Coverup!

I suppose I shouldn’t complain.  After all, the State Department does provide us with furnished housing.  So, if the furniture looks like it was designed with my grandmother in mind, that’s just something I should accept.  It’s sturdy, American made and reasonably comfortable.

But on the other hand, if I don’t have to…

Thanks to someone on the State Department internal blog for suggesting the idea that Ikea Ektorp slipcovers would fit the State Department’s Drexel Heritage furniture.  I bought one to test, and with a little poking and prodding, it fits pretty well.

Here is the sofa in original green and gold…

And here it is after it is covered.  I chose the dark blue, but it’s not the only alternative.

Having proved the concept, I’ve ordered some more, but I’m also considering using one as a pattern to have a local slipcover made using Beninese printed fabric I picked up when I was upcountry.  That would add a colorful touch, and a memory of this place which will follow me around, since State bought the same furniture for its housing around the world!

On another note, I bought myself a Blu-Ray player for Christmas.  It makes DVDs look great, but I got my first Blu-ray disk yesterday and the quality through an HDTV (in my case a projector) is spectacular.  When this technology becomes common, movie theaters will be in more trouble than they already are in some places.  The price of “home theater” is going down, and the quality going up (and the popcorn is cheaper!).


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7 responses to “State Department Coverup!

  1. Melanie

    Thanks for giving me a solution for our State Dept couch. During my six month in Frankfurt (our first government furnished post), the couch as been a constant source of displeasure. Off right now to go to IKEA.

  2. rkolker

    Glad to help. I visited the Frankfurt Ikea when I was up there. I wish I had known then the slipcovers would fit, I’d save on postage! But, any Ikea you can get to on mass transit has my vote.

  3. Claudine Wofford

    We are living in Windhoek and this is our 1st post overseas. Was wondering if you had a pattern for these slip covers? I bought some fabric to make covers and have been looking for a pattern ever since!
    Thanks for your time.

  4. rkolker

    Sorry, no. Instead of making slipcovers out of the local fabric I just covered the pillows.

  5. Claudine Wofford

    Thanks for your quick response. I think we may make a pattern here. I may buy the IKEA for a back up slip cover and make a pattern for the fabric I have purchased here in Africa. Would you like me to post the pattern when we actually do it?

  6. rkolker

    Absolutely! There’s a blog I participate in called Hardship Homemaking which would be perfect for that!

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