Please patronize our…..

If you look down the right hand column you’ll find links to blogs.  Foreign Service blogs, Peace Corps blogs, all kinds of blogs.  Click on one and read someone new.  Some of these blogs are my classmates from A-100 class, others work with me here at the Embassy, but a lot I find through Google.  The latest is Quiet Griot and his sub-blog Cycling in Benin.  The URL is  The blogger is a Peace Corps volunteer, talented photographer and cyclist doing his thing in Parakou, Benin’s second largest city.

Speaking of the Peace Corps, six PCVs took the FSOT in February March and at least three of them passed!  50 percent is WAY above average for the test, so they are to be congratulated.  We still haven’t heard back from everyone, so that number may go up!

Oh, and any PCVs in Benin reading this — you have a present coming.  You can even open it before Christmas.

Three days ’til I’m Leavin’ on a Jet Plane for a week back in the land of hot dogs and nachos (and my Mom and sisters).


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  1. Have a great time back in the US with your family!

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