40 Days and 40 Nights and wait for the sewers to back up

Hurricane season has started in the U.S.  So let’s discuss hurricanes.  If you live in a hurricane prone area (or are just a meteorology nerd) you know that many hurricanes start life as a tropical wave coming off the west coast of Africa.  As they cross the Atlantic, they gather power and moisture and…

Wait, where was that the “tropical wave” came off of again?  That’s right!  And that’s why these months are called the rainy season here in Cotonou.  It’s been sneaking up on us for a few weeks.  A thundershower here, a thunderstorm there.  But this past week it got serious – 24 hours straight of rain, often heavy, some with lightning and thunder.

You learn things in rainy season.  Which way the roads are graded (water runs downhill and gathers in the low spots).  Where the leaks are in your roof.  How deep into a puddle you can drive before the water starts coming in the doors.  That kind of thing.  It’s worse for the folks who live on back streets which can turn into canals.  They say “no man is an island”, but his house may be during rainy season.

Once a year, everyone in the Foreign Service does something called an EER.  It’s your evaluation, and they’re taken very seriously, because things like your next post, your next promotion, and even staying “in” depend on it.  I’m what’s called “off cycle” since your first EER isn’t due until a year after you reach post, which for me would be August.  Except you also need to do one when your supervisor changes, and our DCM (my direct boss) is getting ready to leave, so we’re in the process of getting all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed.  I’m happy with the result. 

Finally, hearty congratulations to the team at SpaceX for the successful first launch of the Falcon 9.  This is a privately funded rocket which hopefully within a year will be carrying supplies to the space station, and people a few years after that.  If they can meet their cost goals as well, it’ll start to change the space business, as they’re offering a price to orbit almost an order of magnitude less than current launchers.  Still too much for me to afford a ride, unfortunately (says the wanna-be astronaut when he grows up).

Finally, the title comes from Bill Cosby’s classic standup “Noah”.  God tells Noah he’s going to make it rain for 1000 days and 1000 nights to get rid of all the evil people.  Noah gives him the advice in the title.  Right!


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  1. Cat

    One of my favorite stand-up comic routines! A real classic!

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