…when you’re having fun

Another birthday.   Time flies… 

 It seems like just a few years ago I was running around college, spending too much time at the radio station and in spite of knowing nothing about it, starting a Star Trek convention.  Life sneaks up on you, or as John Lennon said, “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.”

No special plans for this birthday.  I’m writing this at my desk at work as I eat some leftover salad for lunch and listen to music nearly as old as I am.

Each birthday, I ask myself two questions:  Did I enjoy last year?  What do I want to do next year?  Strange stuff has been known to happen based on the answers to those two questions — travel, career changes, once I got in a car and just started driving (I eventually turned around).

And so it goes…



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2 responses to “…when you’re having fun

  1. Carolyn & Matt

    OH MY! I can’t believe we forgot to wish you a happy birthday. What horrible friends. Sorry…it was a long day. Regardless, a happy, albeit belated, birthday. We owe you a cake!!

  2. So, what were the answers this year?

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