Loose the Hounds and Waiting for News

When I don’t live in Benin I live in Ashburn (Virginia). My new neighbors are the Loudoun Hounds of the Atlantic League, an independent minor league whose teams include the Long Island Ducks, which may be the only baseball team named after a hockey team (no, not the folks in Anaheim or the Disney movie, the minor league hockey team which played in Commack Arena during my childhood…no glass, just chain link fence and only behind the goals). Opening day is scheduled for 2012, unfortunately probably not between posts, but depending where I end up, I may be able to get home for opening day.

Which brings us to our second topic, my next location.  I don’t know anything yet, but my bids went in last week, and they’re talking this week.  In no particular order (because I can’t remember the order :)) Madagascar (twice), Ottawa, Port Au Prince, Brussels, Toronto and a bunch more.  In each case there were different reasons why they were bid.  Some for the job.  Some for the location.  All because they were French language posts, and I still need to finish up getting off language probabtion.  That’s a little tweak to the Foreign Service system.  You have to qualify in at least one language to get tenure, and you have to do it before the end of your second posting.  I came up just short before I left for Cotonou (a better topic for my presentation and I think I would have made it), so I’ll spend a couple of months back at FSI polishing my French and retesting before going off to wherever I go next.



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2 responses to “Loose the Hounds and Waiting for News

  1. Any team with a hound as a mascot is alright by me. Although I can’t help but wonder about the team cheer. A loud, seemingly never-ending howl?

  2. rkolker

    I’d make Abbey available for team events and commercial shoots :).

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