It’s my next post…eh

Ottawa.  The capital of Canada. February 2012.

Yes, it’s in the “English Language” part of Canada, but it’s still a French designated post.

If I can believe the job description, I’ll mostly be doing American Citizen Services, the part of consular work I didn’t do much of in Cotonou.

Why take another Consular job?

I wanted to be closer to home this time around.  It needed to be a French designated post.  And the timing had to work out.  What’s that mean?  Briefly…I leave from Cotonou a certain month, they need me at the new post a certain month.  I need a certain amount of time for training and home leave, and it all has to fit.  Ottawa fit.

I wonder how much I get to dip into my storage for warm clothes?  I don’t know how clearly the boxes are labeled.  Note for those who haven’t packed out before – take the time to label all boxes and inventory them clearly.  I didn’t.

And there’s curling.



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3 responses to “It’s my next post…eh


    Oh my goodness, that sounds wonderful!

  2. Cat

    Hey! Great! Be alot easier to visit the home turf from that posting.

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