In the jungle the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight…

Okay.  Africa.  Lions.  Elephants.  Grassy savanna.  Herds of antelope.

Finally got to see some.

Benin is a tall, skinny country shaped like a chicken drumstick.  At the “chicken” end is Cotonou.  At the “meat” end is Pendjari National Park.  Between are eight or nine hours of roads ranging from not bad (you can do 60 mph on them safely for short stretches) to hideous (unsafe at any speed).

I’ve been meaning to get up to Pendjari for some time now, but since it’s a big trip (and since it’s more fun to do things in a group) I’ve been waiting to find someone else to do it with.  That opportunity finally happened when our Regional Security Officer Tony Pate’s two boys showed up for Christmas and they decided to head north for a few days.

So the Monday morning after Christmas we headed off for the eight (or nine) hour drive north, with sandwiches of leftover ham and turkey and a cooler full of bottled water.  Eight or nine hours later, we arrived.

First try at embedding video.  Let’s see how it goes.  Because of loss due to the conversion process necessary because…well…Wordpress broke their codec 🙂 they’re not as sharp as the originals, but you’ll get the idea.

Here are some of the animals we saw on the second day.  I’ll step back and let the pictures do the talking.

More to come!


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