Election Results and Green Beer

The results are in, and the incumbant President Boni Yayi has won victory without a runoff, receiving more than 53 percent of the vote in results released by the Constitutional Court.  There may still be challenges, since earlier partial results seemed to indicate a closer finish, and because of problems with the new computerized voter list or LEPI, but nobody expects the results to be overturned.  Legislative elections are next, in April (while I’m back in the U.S.).

While we were waiting for the results, St. Patrick’s Day passed, and the American contigent here wasn’t going to let it pass without note. 

Best we can tell, Benin hadn’t heard of green beer, but they were more than willing to use the green food coloring I provided and add it to the tower of beer at Livingstone’s. 

Tying the two together, as you can see from his billboard, Boni Yayi’s party color is green, and a couple of supporters came over because we thought the green beer was celebrating his victory.  Nope, just scaring the snakes out of Ireland.

Next on our adventure tour will come Ben and Jerry’s cone day.  As of right now, we have close to 10 different flavors which will be available at Embassy Cotonou cone day Wednesday, March 23.  The ice cream was created locally (I’m making some “Peach Cobbler”) tonight, the cones imported from the U.S.  Neither Ben nor Jerry were killed in the making of Cone Day, although several Heath Bars were crunched.

Before the beer this weekend, we headed down to the beach.  I grew up at the beach, since it was a convenient and cheap way for my Mom to keep four kids occupied and cool on a summer day.  But it’s been oh, 40 years or so since I made any serious attempt at body surfing the waves as they roll in.  Two things I have learned:

  1. It’s like riding a bicycle
  2. Like riding a bicycle, if you fall off, it hurts!

Those of you who have done this know that catching a wave just right is a glorious feeling, right up until the time the wave decides it’s time to face plant you into the sand.  I’ve sort of got the hang of avoiding the face plant, but Mother Nature always wins in the end!

Headed home for a couple of weeks in April for some spring weather and early season baseball.  Then, back here until the end of my tour this summer.  Seems like I just got here!



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2 responses to “Election Results and Green Beer

  1. You’ve managed to get back to the US quite a bit during this post!

  2. rkolker

    If you want to, you can. Between training, R&R and a couple of just weeks off it’s not hard to come home (except for the expense). Everyone’s different. Some folks take leave and travel around. Some stay at post almost all the time. I like to get back to the U.S. if I can.

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