Ice cream, elections, and looking over the fence

Cone day was a big success, except we made too much ice cream!  We ended up with 15 flavors (including two different “NY Super Fudge Chunk”s) and no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t eat it all.  Some is still in my freezer (we dipped into it for last Sunday’s brunch).

Everyone said we had to do it again, but maybe next time instead of cones…sundaes!  And instead of 15 flavors maybe 3 or 4.

Benin’s Presidential elections have concluded without serious incident. Boni Yayi was reelected and will be inaugurated April 6.  It took a final ruling by the Constitutional Court to make it official.  Next are the legislative elections, which have been pushed back to April 30.

Meanwhile, we’ve been doing a lot of looking over the fence.  Nigeria has three rounds of elections coming up, and has already delayed the first round a week.  North of us, in Niger, elections have been held in the wake of last year’s coup.  So far, things look calm, although five French nationals were kidnapped there back in January.  Also north of us is Burkina Faso, which most recently groups of soldiers have been shooting and looting and a curfew has cut off some flights into their airport.

Then there’s Cote d’Iviore, which has been a mess for some time but finally the Western media are beginning to pick up on it.  If nothing else, it is serving as a model to other West African countries of how not to handle a disputed election.

Coming up April 8, the end of the Continuing Resolution providing our funding (and my salary).  Will Congress pass a FY2011 budget?  Another CR?  Will the government shut down?  Tune in next week and find out!

Me, I’ll be back in the land of 110V AC and all night supermarkets for a couple of weeks which Congress figures it out.  No connection, but an interesting coincidence.

Finally, “I’m Just a Bill”.  The original from Schoolhouse Rock, and a more cynical update.


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