Bring me back a half-smoke all the way…

…from Ben’s, or maybe some four way Chili from Hard Times.

John Boehner may not want to meet with President Obama, but all the leaders in Africa do, including Benin’s recently reelected Boni Yayi.  This week he’ll get his chance.  Together with the leaders of three other African nations (Niger, Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire) they’ll talk at the White House.  I’m sure other meetings are planned as well, because he’s bringing along an entourage worthy of Elvis, many of which were missing a few necessities, like visas.  The meeting’s been in the works for some time (as all meetings with the President are), but nobody applied for visas for travel this weekend before Thursday afternoon, and one showed up as late as hours after we closed on Friday (I was still there, processing the “earlier” applicants).  I went in Saturday to deliver visas that weren’t ready until then.  The consular officer doesn’t control how long it takes for a visa to pass through all the identity checks back in the U.S., which is why we tell people it takes at least 48 hours for a visa to be granted (although we try to do it in 24, or even less if we can) and to apply early.  End rant.

Paths cross in Washington as Theresa started A-100 this past week and Alex and Andy (and Abbey and Flynn) head for Benin next week.

Birthday season in my family starts this week at well, with my Mom kicking things off, followed one week later by the anniversary of my Dad’s birth, and a week later by mine.  Crowded around my birthday are latecomers: a niece, a nephew and a brother in law.

I post this framegrab from my desktop (right now as I write this) to note it is currently hotter back home than it is here.  Not that I feel guilty or anything, and the DC area should feel free to cool off before I get home.

Slowly, I’m getting organized for my return the the U.S.  I’ve completed (and passed) my medical exam, begun putting things around the house in piles for easy packing, and continued getting the office organized for turnover to a new officer (although we won’t have the overlap I had hoped, so there’s a massive brain dump letter in my future).

Actually, I started the brain dump by writing a manual for the section, cleverly called…

No insult intended to any future consular officer.  I use it myself, since I put in simple checklists for everything we do (that I could think of) as well as references to the appropriate section of the FAM for the details I didn’t put in the book.




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2 responses to “Bring me back a half-smoke all the way…

  1. Are people walking around in parkas?

  2. rkolker

    Laugh if you want, but when it got down to the upper 50’s at Penjari Park, they were running around in parkas and wool hats!

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