I may be of the last generation for which Baseball plays such an important role.  I am of the generation when World Series games were still played in the daytime and we snuck transistor radios into school to listen to the games. I’m of the generation where games were still played in places called Comiskey, and Forbes,  and Crosley, and Connie Mack, and the Polo Grounds.  When we’d stay up to listen to the West Coast games that started at 11pm on the East Coast as our parents yelled for us to “go to sleep”.

And so, what’s another reason I’m counting down to go home.  Baseball.  I miss Baseball.

It’s not that I attend a lot of games, but that I can.  There’s baseball on the radio, on television.  You can talk about last night’s games with people in the office, or at the supermarket.

They’re building a baseball field near my house and a minor league team is going to be moving in next year.  That’s a glorious thing.  Minor League baseball is a glorious thing.

When I get home, it will still be baseball season.  One of the things I plan to do my first weekend home is go to a game.

Baseball is a very successful business.  Very good players play the game today.  More people attend baseball games than ever before.

But baseball isn’t as important now as it was once, and it says something about the country.  It’s a different place than when I grew up.  In some ways it is better, but one way it is not, is that a generation or two now is growing up who don’t appreciate baseball.




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3 responses to “Baseball

  1. Pat O'Neill

    If the other sports keep having the kind of labor problems baseball seems to have solved (granted after going through a disastrous strike a decade or so ago), baseball may go up in the public eye.

  2. NJT

    The book is a great and quick read.

    I grew up listening to games as I fell asleep. There’s that wonderful noise that you can find while scanning the AM dial. It sounds a bit like static, but then you realize that’s the murmur of the people in the stands. You wait for a few seconds for the announcers voice to say something like, “He looks in……gets the sign…sets,” and you know you’re in the right place.

    I don’t even own a radio anymore outside of my car.

  3. Blake

    Rich, 2 things I thought you would enjoy:

    An insect mascot, with (per our earlier discussions) teeth!

    And even in Mudville, there is occasional joy:

    Long Live Baseball!

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