…but once a year

Okay, nobody got it last year, so hopefully this will be a little more obvious :-).

There’s nothing wrong with birthdays as you get older, especially, as everyone reminds me, when you consider the alternative.  But getting older is annoying.  My mother is annoyed that she can’t do all the things she could do at 25, and neither can I.  Your body just doesn’t react that way.  You can fight it off with exercise and diet, but the little things remind you – the soreness that doesn’t go away as fast…the injuries that don’t heal as fast (the hamstring is pretty much recovered, although I don’t plan running the 100 year dash this week).

The thing is, in our minds, we are all the people we were when we were 25.  The actions are still there.  The muscle memory is still there.  You want to be able to do everything you could then, now, but you can’t.

Experience is a good thing.  I enjoy knowing the things I know and learning the things I’ve learned, now if I could just put it together with the way I felt physically at 25.

Of course, that diet and exercise thing would help too!



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4 responses to “…but once a year

  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your last few weeks in Cotonou!

  2. Douglas Wilder

    Is there a riddle in the post? Are you 57?
    Regardless, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

    Doug Wilder
    (hopeful midlifedip)

  3. Hope you had a great day!

  4. Pat O'Neill

    Jill says I still think I’m 17, let alone 25! The thing I see in myself that points out my age is that I can no longer stay up late…the days of all-night con parties are long gone.

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