“You’ll miss it”

That’s what the Ambassador told me at a going away brunch last weekend (not to be confused with the going away pizza party next weekend, and whatever may come after…but it will involve food).  That got me thinking about what I will miss about Africa, and what I won’t.

Things I’ll miss:

  • Being in AFRICA…I mean, it’s a whole other continent
  • Hanging out at the beach with friends (and I can’t believe it took me more than a year to start doing this)
  • The camaraderie of a small embassy
  • Seeing the big animals, although you have to go quite far to see them
  • The Peace Corps

Things I won’t miss:

  • Hit and miss electricity, water…
  • The total disregard for traffic laws.  The only one they obey is the speed limit, and that’s only because the roads are too bad to speed.
  • The attitude some have that because all Americans are rich, they can take from us, and we should accept it
  • Hot weather 24/7/365 (except from time to time at night in Penjari)
  • People who won’t play straight when applying for visas.  Give us a fair chance to say yes and we will.  Lie to us, and we won’t.

Well, it’s getting to be around time to packout.  Just a couple of days until they come and divide all Gaul (or my stuff anyway) into three parts:

  1. HHE – which goes to Ottawa by way of storage
  2. UAB – which goes to Ashburn, by way of a miscellaneous airplane
  3. Luggage – which stays with me until I leave

There are actually three other categories:

  1. Trash – worn out clothes, broken dishes, and other things I don’t need or want to move
  2. Leftover consumables – things I brought from the U.S. to eat or use and never did – to be sold/given to friends here
  3. Office books and papers – which can be pouch shipped to FSI

Under 333 hours to go!



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