You are here!

Glad to know that.  I th0ught I was somewhere else, but the good folks at FSI have put up a dozen or so signs that tell us proudly “You are here” along with a map of the entire complex.  Okay on the map there’s a small star which is also labeled “You are here” so I think they realized they needed to get more specific.

Seriously, they have “resigned” FSI and it is clearer where everything is now, since the lettering of the buildings is seemingly random.

This weekend I will definitely be somewhere else.  I will be getting tgether with my high school graduation class for the first time since we graduated.  I was going to go to an earlier reunion, but the damned sun and moon decided to get together and have a solar eclipse that weekend, and they wouldn’t reschedule.  I have been back to my neighborhood and my highschool since back then and it will be interesting to see how much more it all has changed since I left.  It’s also an excuse to get up to New York and eat some good ethnic food.

Those of you who follow my adventures may be wondering how French is going.  The answer is “better.”  Why?  For a couple of reasons I think.  One is that I’m coming in with a baseline and although gettng all the structure and grammar right is still a struggle, it is usually possible to communicate whatever I want to in some kind of French.  This makes the presentations and discussions much more interesting.  We spent the good part of an hour this morning talking about immigration, official languages, French politics, U.S. politics and all in French (if sometimes bad French).  That just wasn’t possible my first time through except a little bit at the very end of training. 

I’ve never owned an Apple computer.  Up until now the only Apple products I’ve owned have been in the Ipod line, but after playing with others’ I decided to purchase an Ipad as my “Christmas present to myself”.  It just arrived yesterday, and I haven’t had a chance to excercise it to any extent yet, but the user interface is just so natural it’s a joy to use.  All the setup instructions were on something a little bigger than a business card.  I did have to tapdance a little to get the new software uploaded through my PC, but it was nothing someone who could read couldn’t handle easily.

Hope they’re telling the truth about the weather this weekend.  It’s been rainy all week.



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2 responses to “You are here!

  1. I was particularly pleased before the maps were added to the signs. A blank plaque labeled “You are here” with no other indications seemed an appropriate representation of State Department beaurocracy.

  2. rkolker

    I had the same thought when I first saw them without the maps. Much too existential for the State Department :).

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