All my life (and everything else) ‘s a circle

Sometimes things just strike me.  Last night I was watching a PBS special on the problems which led to the cancellation of the Smothers Brothers comedy hour…

and I realized, things really do happen in cycles.

For example, a dozen years before SNL, there was TW3 (That Was The Week That Was).  Started in England, it moved quickly across the pond to the U.S. providing a weekly dose of satire closely following the news and culture.  It even started “Live, from New York!”. There’s almost none of it available online (except some early Tom Lehrer) but here’s a short clip from Alan Alda about appearing on the show.

Long before Colbert was deadpanning his politics, there was, on the aforementioned Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, Pat Paulsen.  He started out giving editorials.

And ended up running for President.

and running…and running…

I remember one time he ran in the NH primary as a Republican because “The Democrats already had enough comedians on the ballot.”

They say in a world like we have today, satire is dead, but there’s always an edge and people who will balance along it’s jagged edge…maybe a little bit over.


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One response to “All my life (and everything else) ‘s a circle

  1. Glee

    Roy Zimmerman is today’s best satirist, hands down. And he’s a songwriter and musician, to boot!

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