French notes, sharp and flat

Sometimes I get in a mood in French class to translate something. Often it’s a short phrase that may or may not work in French (“In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is King” worked. “Elephant in the room” didn’t.) The most challenging one I ever attempted was “Who’s on First”, which neither works linguistically or culturally.

This week, we were talking Christmas carols in class.  I headed off to the language lab and well…here’s what happened:

Grand-mère était écraser d’un renne

Grand-mère était écraser d’un renne

Cours sa marche chez soi la veille de Noel

Vous pensez qu’il n’ya pas de Santa

Mais pour moi et grand-père, c’est actuel!

I’m actually rather proud of this, because it rhymes and scans (the scansion takes a bit of work, but it can work.)

No, I have no plans to do the rest of the song.



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2 responses to “French notes, sharp and flat

  1. I dare you to somehow work that in to your final exam. =)

  2. rkolker

    Probably won’t do that, but I did pass it around the class and to the teachers. We had to sing the melody to them, because they had never heard it.

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