Home Leave

Since I’ve been back in the U.S. I’ve been living kinda like a college student.  I’m living in my house, but…

Most of my furniture is in storage

Most of the rest of my furniture is in Ottawa

Most of my clothes are with my furniture.

So, I’m sleeping on a bed I picked up at Ikea, my kitchen table is foldable and suitable for tailgating (I bought it and two chairs at a sporting goods store.  Friends provided other chairs and bookshelves, and Ikea provided a computer desk, some end tables, and a Poang chair (which I’ll keep).

The place is pretty empty, and it’s something to take into account if you own a house you want to return to, but want to rent while overseas and live in while back.  What are the alternatives:

Rental furniture — pretty expensive as it turns out.

Rent the house furnished — when you’re back you won’t be living on your best furniture, but the house will be furnished.

Store your furniture privately, so you can get it out when you’re home.

Or do what I did, live with begged, borrowed, stolen and yard sale stuff.

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One response to “Home Leave

  1. Glee

    I envy you the simplicity. And just think how much less dusting there is to do!! 🙂

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